RAJAR: Sunrise Radio back in pole position

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Sunrise Radio has been declared as the most listened to Asian radio station during the past three months, according to official data from RAJAR.

Audience sampled during the period of October and December 2011 saw Sunrise Radio add 37,000 extra listeners. Its weekly reach now stands at 490,000 with listeners tuning in for an average of 7.1 hours, down from 8.4 hours in the previous quarter.

Year-on-year, Sunrise Radio has added 9,000 extra listeners nationally.

Overview of Sunrise Radio National
This time last year: 481,000
As it stands now: 490,000
Difference: + 9,000

BBC Asian Network
Even though the BBC Asian Network performed exceptionally well in the previous quarter, this time around, the station has witnessed a slight loss.

From 507,000 in Q3/11 to a new weekly reach of 472,000 in this quarter – a loss of 35,00 listeners. When data is compared with statistics from this time last year, the station is down 5,000 listeners.

The station will be disappointed with today’s news after taking the station to new heights late last year with outstanding RAJAR results. It is unclear why listeners drifted away from the station during this period. One piece of positive news for the station is that it is being listened to longer than Sunrise Radio. BBC Asian Network is being listened to 7.3 hours, 0.2 minutes more than its commercial rival.

While the BBC Asian Network’s future is safe for now, the station’s budgets are under the scanner with many back-end changes expected to be rolled out later this year. How much of this affects the station’s output remains to be seen.

Overview of BBC Asian Network National
This time last year: 477,000
As it stands now: 472,000
Difference: – 5,000

Sunrise Radio remains the undisputed leader locally in the Greater London region with its weekly reach at 332,000 – a drop from 360,000 in the previous quarter. The station has lost 28,000 listeners in the previous three months and more surprisingly 139,000 listeners down over the past six months.

Overview of Sunrise Radio London
This time last year: 371,000
As it stands now: 332,000
Difference: – 39,000

Kismat Radio
Kismat Radio – The Litt Corporation’s adult contemporary station has had a severe beating in the ratings this time around. The station has lost a huge 64,000 listeners in a space of three months.

Kismat Radio now attracts a weekly reach of 69,000, down from 133,000 in the previous quarter and more disheartening a loss of 95,000 listeners since a year ago.

Overview of Kismat Radio
This time last year: 164,000
As it stands now: 69,000
Difference: – 95,000

Buzz Asia
The Litt Corporation’s troubled youth station, Buzz Asia continues to struggle in the ratings. Even though it has picked up slightly, the change is miniscule. Buzz Asia has added 7,000 listeners.

Surprisingly, Buzz Asia has been hovering around the 100,000 mark for a year – more or less around the same time since the Litt Corporation took over the station. Buzz Asia has held meetings recently as part of efforts to revive the station.

Overview of Buzz Asia
This time last year: 113,000
As it stands now: 108,000
Difference: – 5,000

Other UK based commercial Asian radio stations such as Radio XL in Birmingham, Sabras Radio in Leicester and Asian Sound in Manchester do not subscribe to RAJAR.