RAJAR Results: Sunrise Radio regains crown


Sunrise Radio was the overall winner in Q2/11 beating its rival, the BBC Asian Network, nationally and delivering tremendous figures locally too.

Sunrise Radio achieved one of its biggest ever audiences in Q2/11. Its weekly reach touched 586,000. In the previous quarter, Sunrise Radio had lost out the mantle to the BBC Asian Network. Since Q1, Sunrise Radio has added a huge 117,000 new listeners nationally.

Overview of Sunrise Radio National
This time last year: 498,000
As it stands now: 586,000
Difference: + 88,000

The BBC Asian Network continued its resurgent self despite losing 29,000 listeners since the previous quarter. In Q1, the BBC Asian Network touched 500,000, this time its weekly reach averaged at 471,000.

Year-on-year, the station added 34,000 when compared to data from this time last year.

The average BBC Asian Network listener now tunes into the station for 6.6 hours a week ��� up from 6.1 hours in Q1 and from 4.9 hours in Q2/10.

Vijay Sharma, Head of the Asian Network said, “I’m pleased with how the station has performed in the last quarter and I’m confident that the station is in a strong place and heading in the right direction – delivering quality, distinctive programming and audience engagement through outreach events.”

Overview of BBC Asian Network
This time last year: 437,000
As it stands now: 471,000
Difference: + 34,000

Sunrise Radio in the local London market also did superbly well. Compared to the previous quarter, Sunrise Radio has added a massive 135,000 new listeners. The station is also being listened to longer – 8.1 hours.

Overview of Sunrise Radio London
This time last year: 364,000
As it stands now: 471,000
Difference: + 107,000

In a fantastic quarter for the Litt Corporation, its adult contemporary station, Kismat Radio, proved immensely popular again with a weekly reach of 182,000. The station has added 72,000 new listeners during the sampled quarter. Compared to data with last year, Kismat Radio has increased its listenership by 70,000.

Overview of Kismat Radio
This time last year: 112,000
As it stands now: 182,000
Difference: + 70,000

The Litt Corporation’s youth station Buzz Asia was the biggest loser during this quarter. The station, which has failed to gain decent listenership since the Litt Corporation takeover has recorded a new low – 96,000. The station lost 15,000 listeners in the past three months and 24,000 listeners compared to this time last year.

Overview of Buzz Asia
This time last year: 120,000
As it stands now: 96,000
Difference: – 24,000

Other UK based Asian radio stations such as Radio XL in Birmingham, Sabras Radio in Leicester and Asian Sound in Manchester do not subscribe to RAJAR.

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