RAJAR: Lyca Radio adds nearly 30k new listeners

Johar Deep



London’s popular Asian station, Lyca Radio is up 38%, adding nearly 30,000 more listeners over the past three months, in latest RAJAR data for Q1/23.

Lyca Radio’s audience jumped by 26,000 from 68,000 in Q4/22 to 94,000 in Q1/23. In further good news for the station, Lyca Radio was being listened to longer from 4.4 to 4.7 average hours per listener. In this quarter, Lyca Radio saw the biggest audience rise amongst its rivals.

Its sister station, Lyca Gold – the UK’s first and only retro Asian station was also up with a weekly reach climbing from 52,000 to 58,000. Its average hours per listener were up from 4.9 to 5.1.

Raj Baddhan, CEO of Lyca Media said, “I’m delighted to see the hard work in bringing high quality radio broadcasting in London through Lyca Radio and Lyca Gold is paying dividends! These set of figures are very encouraging, with the gap closing between us and our rivals. This is a huge testament to my team’s hard work for executing compelling content in luring new listeners. A special thanks to our audiences for their invaluable support and love. And a huge thanks to our commercial brands for trusting in Lyca Radio and Lyca Gold. We’ve got some huge news to further shake the market this summer, so keep listening to Lyca Radio and Lyca Gold for more!”

In other news from the Greater London market, Sunrise Radio London held on to the leading crown with 169,000 – up by 164,000 in the previous quarter. Its average hours per listener were from 4.2 to 4.6.

Tony Lit MBE, MD Sunrise Radio said, “With the release of Rajar Q1 2023 this morning, I’m pleased to report that Sunrise Radio now in its 34th year of broadcasting is once again confirmed as the UK’s unchallenged leader in commercial Asian radio, with audience reach and listening hours up on the last quarter for both the London and National service. Sunrise Radio is the leading Asian radio station in London in terms of audience reach and is the UK’s only national commercial Asian radio service. On the 8th of May Sunrise Smooth – London’s Smoothest Asian Mix was launched, easy-listening Asian music with a laid-back chilled vibe, available on DAB in London and very soon will be available on the Sunrise Radio App. I would also like to thank my commercial partners, my Sunrise team, and most of all our loyal audience.”

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Panjab Radio stayed high for the third consecutive quarter with a weekly reach at 104,000 – down by 7,000 in the previous quarter. Its average listening hours stayed strong at 8.5 hours – down from 10.8 hours. It had the highest average listening hours than any other Asian radio station.

Surjit Ghuman MBE, Managing Director of Panjab Radio said, “Panjab Radio retains the No.1 spot in London with listeners tuning in for almost four hours longer than the other commercial London based South Asian stations. This data includes audience numbers prior to the overhaul of the station’s programming in the summer of 2022, so is particularly pleasing. The data excludes listening data from our DAB services in North Birmingham, Newcastle, Coventry, Wolverhampton and our streaming data outside of the London TSA. Thank you to my team, our listeners, and our advertisers for their continued support.”

With the way things stand currently in the London market, Sunrise Radio is ahead of Lyca Radio by just 75,000, while the gap between Panjab Radio and Sunrise Radio London is a mere 65,000.

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