RAJAR: Dilse Radio breaks through 100k barrier

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Dilse Radio
Dilse Radio

Lycamedia’s two London based Asian stations added listeners after a shocking low performance in the previous quarter.

According to official data from RAJAR for Q2/16, Dilse Radio – Lycamedia’s speech orientated station delivered 103,000 listeners (up from 32,000 listeners in Q1/16) – one of the biggest ever audiences for the 1035AM frequency since Kismat Radio, which was owned by Sunrise Radio Group previously. Quarter-on-quarter, the station was up by a huge 221.9%. Its number of listening hours touched a high too with listeners tuning in longer from 1.9 hours previously to 7.1 hours this time around.

Dilse Radio’s year-on-year audience was up by 98.1%. This time last year, Dilse Radio attracted 52,000 listeners – nearly doubling its audience in this quarter.

Meanwhile, flagship channel, Lycaradio also bounced back up in ratings from 62,000 listeners in Q1/16 to 173,000 listeners in Q2/16 – an increase of 179% quarter-on-quarter. Its listening hours were up from 3.1 hours in the previous quarter to 5.5 hours this time around. The station’s numbers were similar to a year ago when it attracted 160,000 listeners – a slight year-on-year increase of 8.1%.

In terms of Breakfast shows, Lycaradio’s Breakfast show had a bigger audience with 68,000 listeners tuning in this quarter – up from 22,000 listeners in last quarter but down from 95,000 listeners in Q2/15. Sister station, Dilse’s Breakfast show had an audience of 54,000 listeners – up from just 4,000 listeners in the last quarter. It was also up from 34,000 listeners a year ago.

A Lycamedia spokesman told BizAsiaLive.com, “We are still in the process of developing two distinct, quality radio stations in Lycaradio and Dilse. RAJAR is only one of the methods we rely on but see our local focus groups and London community events as an important part of our success. The RAJAR results are pleasing as both radio station listening hours increased showing our programming quality is improving but we must stress this is still work in progress. We want to be the go to radio stations for the Greater London Asian community whether its Lycaradio for more music or Dilse for News, information and music.”

Other UK based Asian radio stations such as Radio XL in Birmingham, Sabras Radio in Leicester, Asian Sound in Manchester, Sunrise Radio FM in Yorkshire and other digital and community Asian radio stations do not subscribe to RAJAR. Panjab Radio National and Awesome Radio National also do not subscribe to RAJAR.

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