Missing Sky Digital channel Raj TV has come in breach of rules and regulations set by broadcasting governing body Ofcom.

The niche-targeted television channel was mysteriously removed from Sky Digital’s channel line-up last week.

Now it has found itself in hot water with the broadcasting regulator.

Ofcom said it received a complaint from a listener who complained about sexual scenes which were considered inappropriate for broadcast in the early evening.

Ofcom had requested Raj TV to send out recorded material for it to be reviewed, however the channel failed to provide the recording.

Given the history of non-compliance and Ofcom being unable to contact Raj TV on the contact number supplied to the regulator, Ofcom therefore informed Raj TV of its intention to record a breach of the broadcaster’s licence for failure to supply a recording.

Raj TV apologised for the delay, and explained that due to staff and logistic issues it had not picked up Ofcom’s e-mail or other correspondence. Raj TV also advised Ofcom that the member of staff who usually handled recording requests was away on long term sick leave and appropriate action had not been taken to cover for the absence. Raj TV said the recording would be obtained shortly but it was not provided to Ofcom.

Ofcom were unable to consider the complaint due to the absence of the recording. However Ofcom will will hold the complaint on record. If similar breaches occur in future Ofcom will consider further regulatory action.

It is still not known why Raj TV is no longer available on Sky Digital.

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