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Raj Kundra breaks silence on earlier arrest in pornography case

Businessman Raj Kundra has spoken up for the first time since he was arrested and later granted bail in an alleged pornography case.

In a statement published on his social media, Kundra branded the entire episode as a “witch hunt”. He also claimed that he has never been involved in the production and distribution of pornographic content.

The statement read, “After much contemplation, considering there are many misleading and irresponsible statements and articles floating around and my silence has been misconstrued for weakness. I would like to start by stating that I have NEVER been involved in the production and distribution of “pornography” EVER in my life. This whole episode has been nothing but a witch hunt. The matter is subjudice so I can not elucidate, but I am ready to face trial and have full faith in the judiciary, where the truth will prevail.”

He added, “The trolling, negativity and toxic public perception has been very debilitating. To set the record straight, I do not hide my face in shame, but wish that my privacy is not intruded anymore with this continued MEDIA TRIAL. My priority has always been my family, nothing else matters at this juncture.”

He concluded the statement by requesting everyone to let him live with dignity.

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