Rahul Vaidya on his relationship with Jasmin Bhasin post ‘Bigg Boss 14’

Jeetesh Luhar



‘Bigg Boss 14’ runner-up Rahul Vaidya has revealed that his relationship with co-contestant Jasmin Bhasin has improved since the show thanks to one of his closest friends in the house, Aly Goni.

Vaidya and Bhasin were often at the opposite sides of the spectrum when they first started in the reality show, reports DNA India. But since then, Vaidya has said that Bhasin had expressed regret for not trusting him initially when she returned as Goni’s supporter before the show’s finale.

He said in an interview, “Our equation improved because her boyfriend, Aly, was my best and only friend on the show. Obviously, if you’re best friends with the boyfriend, then your relationship with his girlfriend will also improve. That’s when Jasmin and I actually got to know each other. That’s when we developed mutual love and respect for each other.”

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