Rahul Vaidya confirms “rectification” of new track Garbe Ki Raat

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Rahul Vaidya’s song Garbe Ki Raat, featuring Nia Sharma, is to have a new “rectified” version, the singer has confirmed.

He made the announcement on Twitter, saying it’ll be online in a few days.

Vaidya received death threats as the song mentioned Shri Mogal Maa and the deity’s followers created a backlash. The singer’s team told NDTV, “Yes, it’s true these messages and calls have gone up in number since last night, the messages speak about having Rahul Vaidya killed, beaten and filing FIRs against him to have him arrested and so on… while we would like to maintain that the mention of the Deity was done with respect and did not mean to hurt anyone’s sentiments”.

The song was composed and sung by Vaidya, with female vocals from Bhoomi Trivedi. It was a Navratri song.