Bradford based Radio Apni Awaz has bid farewell to the Sky EPG as it continues to broadcast on 87.9FM in the region.

However, officials at the station said the removal of the channel from the Sky EPG was down to “programming changes” taking place and it will return shortly.

“[The channel has been taken off] due to a reschedule and it۪s been removed temporarily. We will be back soon. Just rescheduling the programmes. We are working on them,” a spokesman said.

It is unknown for a channel to be removed from the Sky EPG for the reason disclosed by the channel as it does not affect its status on being on Sky. Could there be something else behind the disappearance? And how soon will it be before the channel really returns? Keep it with for more.

Radio Apni Awaz was previously available on EPG 0193. It can still be heard via the ‘Other Channels’ option. Tune in 12.525 (V) and select ‘Apni Awaz’.