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Radhika Apte on feeling “disturbed” by “so-called celebrated” films

Radhika Apte has received accolades for so much of her work but she’s recently opened up about rejecting many projects coming her way. She also said she thinks some of the cinema that “celebrated” actually “disturbs” her.

“… They say ‘oh they are about women, we are talking about equality.’ I don’t think they are, on many occasions. I don’t find myself in agreement with a lot of people, that doesn’t make it right, wrong, good or bad,” said Apte, according to Asian Age.

Asked if she feels it’s isolating to feel that way, she says, “What happens is, dissatisfaction keeps building. As an actor—yes there’s fame and success—but it’s an individual journey. As a person, I want to grow. But you’ll only grow when you have certain challenges or if explore certain aspects that make you grow. But if the films we make are just convenient and compromised by and large, though there are few films which are pathbreaking, then how will we grow?”

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