Radhika Apte: “Happy that all my projects came out this year”


Radhika Apte is definitely on a high after so many successes this year on the big screen and online. However, her next film ‘Andhadhun’ is something which will be different somewhat. The initial trailers and songs have created waves and with its releasing coming on Friday, BizAsiaLive.com caught up with the actress to talk about the Sriram Raghavan directorial.


You’ve recently had a run of success with online content and, along with your other forthcoming projects, ‘Andhadhun’ looks like an interesting role for you. What first drew you to the part?
The first thing that drew me to this part is the fact that it was a Sriram Raghavan film. I really admire his work and I think he’s a very unique filmmaker. He has this way of putting his characters into really strange situations and seeing how they react and how they function as well as still be relatable. He’s very passionate and his energy is very contagious. I would really be happy to be able to wake up and be on his sets. That was the main reason but also, the script is really, really good. I love the film now that I’ve seen it. I’m so happy to be a part of a film like ‘Andhadhun’.

Sriram Raghavan is known for a certain kind of cinema and it appears that you fit quite well with his style in ‘Andhadhun’. How did you find working with him?
I would love to be a part of whatever projects he has if he has a part for me. He’s equally passionate about every single scene which is relatively more important from the plot’s perspective to the smallest montage which probably seems a little less significant. Even when we are shooting the smallest montage, he puts everything in it. He makes everything become to exciting and thrilling – every single day and every bit of what we’re shooting. That’s what I really like.

Seeing you share the screen with Ayushmann Khurrana is interesting for audiences. How did you achieve the comfort that comes across on screen?
Ayushmann and I have known each other for a long time. There have been a few film s which we were meant to be working on which didn’t happen. He’s very chilled out and very easy going. We’ve both come from small towns. I did a film called ‘Hunterr’ and he’d come and watched it and said he really liked it. We also laughed about how we could relate on certain things which a person from a small town feels. So we already had that rapport so it was actually quite easy to work with him.

Did you find you had to do much preparation for the role and what challenged you about it?
Well, in this role particularly… it feels like she’s the sunshine of the film. So there’s not much preparation. I’ve not played a part like this before. It was very easy and light. She’s a very happy girl.

There is a suspense element in ‘Andhadhun’ which will evidently be the best part, arguably. How do you think Raghavan manages to achieve this dark, gritty and thrilling aspect in the film?
It’s just his craft. Especially in this film, it’s dark yet it’s extremely funny at times. It’s very twisted in many ways but it’s equally easy to be empathetic towards. There are the strangest situations but with characters who you will find extremely relatable. It’s beautifully plotted because every five minutes you’re completely shocked at what is happening. You think that was the shock but again in five minutes, you’re shocked again because of something else. When you come out of the theatre you’re going to be like “oh my God, what just happened?” I would say don’t miss the beginning, definitely. And don’t tell the ending to anybody.

On social media, there was a feel that there was “too much” of you when the ‘Andhadhun’ trailer came out. You’d been seen in a number of online series as well as received praise for ‘PadMan’ (2018). How did you personally feel about that?
I personally feel that trolls are trolls. You can’t take them as seriously as everybody seems to be taking them. I mean, I loved the attention. The memes were great; very funny and very creative. I’m not running three series on Netflix and if that was the case then I would’ve completely owned it. And you can’t be trolled for working. I’m very happy that all my projects came out this year. To get an opportunity to display what are varied efforts in a short period of time has its other side, I guess. But I don’t take the trolls seriously. Netflix was very smart, I think. One thing out of this whole thing that I learnt is how smart Netflix’s marketing team is.

You seem to be one actress who thrives on the notion of “content is king”. You must get a number of projects being offered to you. How do you go about choosing which ones to take up?
The only criteria of choosing work is if I get excited then I do it. Sometimes it might be the most intense and content-driven thing but if I’m not feeling excited then I won’t do it.

How often have you regretted not signing on the dotted line for a particular project?
Actually, till date I’ve not regretted saying no to any project. I hope that I maintain that. We all make mistake but until now, I have no regrets.


‘Andhadhun’ releases on 5th October.


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