Radhe Maa & Shiney Ahuja threaten legal action over ‘Bigg Boss’ rumours

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

'Bigg Boss 8' with Salman Khan
‘Bigg Boss 8’ with Salman Khan

The two hot favourites – Radhe Maa and Shiney Ahuja, linked to this year’s series of ‘Bigg Boss 9’ are threatening Colors with legal action.

Godwoman Radhe Maa has slapped the channel with a public notice for defamation. “We are suing them for maligning Radhe Maa’s name. She was never offered the show, has not been signed and will not be a part of it. She is not interested in reality TV,” Sanjeev Gupta, MD of a marketing company told Mumbai Mirror.

Gupta added, “It’s a gimmick to increase TRPs. They know that wherever Radhe Maa goes, people follow. Our lawyers have been following news reports about Radhe Maa entering the house. We will not accept this.”

Controversial actor, Shiney Ahuja also expressed his displeasure at the news and told Mumbai Mirror, “I have been reading reports about doing the show since 2011. It has been three years and they don’t stop. This year too, my lawyer rang me to inform that once again my name was being associated with Bigg Boss. I have a paper trail that show stories leading back to the publicists and makers of the show.”

Other actors like Prachi Desai and Dino Moreo have denied being approached for the show.