‘Raabta’ makers accused of plagiarism by ‘Magadheera’ producers

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


The makers of ‘Raabta’ have been accused of plagiarism after claims that the film is a copy of the Ram Charan Teja blockbuster ‘Magadheera’.

DNA India reports that a stay has been put on the release of ‘Raabta’ by a Hyderabad court. The producers of ‘Raabta’ have denied the claims, insisting that there is no similarities between the two films.

Kriti Sanon, who stars in the film said, “I have seen Magadheera and liked it too. It was set in a completely different time-zone, with chariots, armours, royalty and dressed women. Raabta is completely different in every aspect including the flashback angle. The only common factor is the reincarnation bit.”

She added, “All of us were on the same page that it was in a timeline and place which was rugged and raw, where we spoke in a khadi boli dialect. We shot all those flashback portions in a forest in real locations with tents,” she said.

Dinesh Vijan, director of ‘Raabta’ added, “Magadheera is a blockbuster down south but apart from the fact that the story is about reincarnation, there is nothing common between the two. It is like talking about two films which tell a love story between three people, which are entirely different in their story, execution, characterization and other aspects. Also we had Madhumati, Karan-Arjun and Om Shanti Om, all revolving around the concept of re-incarnation. In my film, we are trying to reincarnate reincarnation and discuss the concept of unrequited love.”

‘Raabta’ releases on Friday 9th June 2017.