R Balki not a fan of his own work

R Balki
R Balki

R Balki is one filmmaker who likes to takes risks. However, despite audiences and critics applauding his work, Balki apparently isn’t all that impressed with what he puts on screen.

With his recent release ‘Ki and Ka’ (2016) making an impact at the box office,��Asian Age��reported Balki explaining, “As a director, I have always been embarrassed of my ads and films. I squirm and never see any of my films once they release. After watching every film, I feel that I should redo everything. I am sure that even with Ki & Ka that stage will come very soon.”

“In fact, when my ads come on television, I change the channel as I get very embarrassed. I was forced to watch ‘Paa’ (2009) repeatedly as various screenings were held. I also watched ‘Shamitabh’ (2015) fully and I think that was a mistake (laughs),” he went on to add.

Talking about the making of ‘Ki and Ka’, Balki explained how the challenges in which he faces worked out to be the best assets to the film. “Like all films, Ki & Ka posed a certain set of challenges. The first one was to make the film look grand even in a middle class setting. I wanted it to look opulent but at the same time, simple. Fortunately for me, my art director Rupin Suchak is a phenomenal guy. I told him that my hero is a train freak and that I want the house to incorporate that. I was hesitant that the set may end up looking like a museum, but Rupin did such an incredible job of it.”

He went on to say, “This is the first time that I went to Bhushan Kumar (of T-series) to produce music for me. Ilayaraja is the music director but I still wanted inputs from Bhushan. I am glad that the association worked beautifully and I am very happy with the film�۪s music.”

The film stars Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor in the main leads. Having Kapoor play the house husband, required him (Kapoor) to soften his macho character that audiences are so used to, which Balki wasn’t sure how to get him to do. However, it all turned out well, as Balki explained, “The third challenge was, ���how to make Arjun gentle?�۝ But I think he solved that problem for me by underplaying his voice and gestures. It�۪s not the kind of thing women want in a man traditionally ��� at least not from Arjun because he�۪s so loud usually.”

As the film continues to make an impression with audiences, here’s hoping Balki won’t be as hard on himself as he has so far.

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