Punjabi channels air Guru Arjun Dev Ji specials


Punjabi channels have begun their special programming to coincide with the 400th Martyr Day anniversary of the fifth Sikh Guru, Arjun Dev ji.

Alpha ETC Punjabi has scheduled a marathon of devotional and discourse shows. Starting today (Thursday 15th June), the channel has lined up ‘Women’s Conference from Tam Taran’ talking about the Sikh Guru.

From 4am, the channel has also scheduled its daily Golden Temple feed with devotional music from Amritsar. The ‘Women’s Conference’ will then return at 08:00. This will then be followed by a Live telecast from Pakistan. At 19:00, religious music (kirtan) will continue until midnight.

Panjab Radio on the other hand will be holding a special event to mark the auspicious day. The free event will take place from 10:00 – 16:00 on Sunday 25th June, at the Panjab Radio studio on Springfield Road.

The event will be attended by Panjab Radio supporters from across the world, including internationally acclaimed Panjabi singer, Malkit Singh. Throughout the day, which will commence with a religious ceremony, listeners will be able to interact with their favourite presenters and enjoy Guru Ka Langar (free community food), which shall be served all day. The occasion will also be a chance for Panjab Radio to thank all members of the Panjabi and local community, for their ongoing support.

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