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Punj-aab TV re-starts testing ahead of Sky launch

After nearly six months since it first started testing on the Sky platform and eventually disappeared, new Punjabi TV service, Punj-aab TV has re-commenced testing on Sky.

Currently, the channel is only showing coloured bars, with EPG data yet to roll out. However, Punj-aab TV is not expected to launch before the end of January due to a Christmas freeze on new channel launches on Sky.

The channel will specialise in religious content, children’s shows, cookery programmes and films.

The channel will broadcast Asa Di Vaar and Shabad Gurbani from 03:00 until 07:30 each morning, followed by news bulletins and lifestyle programming. Religious elements will continue 10:00 with Sukhmani Sahib until 15:00.

Punj-aab TV will also be broadcasting cartoons for children and UK based current affairs.

Tests of Punj-aab TV on Sky can be seen here:
-> Using your Sky Digi remote, go to Services Menu
-> Select System Setup
-> Select Add Channels
-> Enter frequency: 11.479 (V), FEC: 5/6, SR: 22000 / DVB-S / QPSK
-> Find Channels and Press SELECT
-> Highlight “50686” service and press Yellow button
-> Return to Services Menu
-> Other Channels (6) on STB / (8) on Sky+
-> Click on “50686” to view the channel