Public toilet named after Rishi Kapoor following twitter rant

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Rishi Kapoor

Last week, Rishi Kapoor had released a series of tweets on his official Twitter account in relation to how ‘everything’ in India was named after the Gandhis. ��Kapoor insisted the names of such public places should be revised so that others who have made an impact in society are brought into consideration and commemorated. Following this, ��political party��Congress members have allegedly��named a public toilet situated in Allahabad after the veteran actor.

The Congress workers have allegedly taken this step in response to Kapoor’s��recent rant in which he complained of the naming of many public institutions after the politically influential and renowned Nehru-Gandhi family.��The��workers apparently��hung a poster naming the public toilet after the ‘Amar Akbar Anthony'(1977) superstar and even went on to invite and encourage the general public to use it.


Rishi Kapoor has quite a way of attracting attention on Twitter due to his brutal ability to speak his mind and his fearless approach of ensuring he stands by his opinion, irrespective of how controversial it can be. ��The actor is yet to respond to the recent controversy.

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