PTV Global rapped by Ofcom for failing to provide diversity information


PTV Global has been rapped by UK media regulator, Ofcom for failing to provide requested diversity information.

During Ofcom’s 2018 annual diversity in broadcasting monitoring programme, PTV Global’s licence holder, Pakistan Television Corporation Limited confirmed to Ofcom that it employed over 50 people in connection with the provision of the licensed broadcast service, and also that it was authorised to broadcast for more than 31 days per year. In 2019 it was therefore required to provide Ofcom with more detailed information about its equal opportunities arrangements, including strategies and training for employees in terms of gender, racial group and disability.

On 20th May 2019, Ofcom sent PTV Global an information request with six annexes (including a questionnaire) requiring the Licensee to provide information on its equal opportunities arrangements as detailed above. As explained in the information request sent to the Licensee, Ofcom requires this information to exercise its functions under the Act.

Ofcom issued a Preliminary View finding the Licensee in breach of Licence Condition 12(1) for failing to provide the required information.

In its response to Ofcom’s Preliminary View, Pakistan Television Corporation Limited accepted that it had failed to respond to the original information request by the specified deadline, stating that this was due to a “human limitation” and that action had been taken to address this.

PTV Global subsequently provided limited information on the total number of people employed in connection with the provision of its broadcast services, the number of women employed, the number of disabled people employed and confirmed the number of days a year for which they are licensed to broadcast. PTV Global explained that because it did not employ anyone in the UK, it thought it was not required to complete the questionnaire which formed part of Ofcom’s information request.

Ofcom found the broadcaster in breach of Licence Condition 12(1) in Part 2 of the Schedule to the Television Licensable Content Service licence held by Pakistan Television Corporation Limited.

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