PTC Punjabi tops Punjabi television UK poll

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

PTC Punjabi
PTC Punjabi

PTC Punjabi has beaten other Punjabi channels in the UK to top a poll conducted by

In a poll that ran over 14 days, readers on the media and entertainment website were asked to vote for their favourite Punjabi channel. Out of the 193 people voted, free-to-air service, PTC Punjabi won the race with 58% (111 votes) of the votes. The channel has recentlybeen doing remarkably well in UK ratings too with a regular weekly reach of over 250k viewers.

Other channels in the poll that were listed in the poll include Brit Asia TV in second with 33 votes (17%) and subscription channel ZEE Punjabi trailed in third with 27 votes (14%). In fourth place was the “Other” category with 22 votes (11%). The other category includes some Pakistani channels with Punjabi programming.

The poll runs fortnightly online.