Producing not for Jimmy Shergill?

Jimmy Shergill gives on up producing

Though he hasn’t quite made it big, it’s safe to say Jimmy Shergill is a good actor. However when he got into producing films he found that it may not have been the right path for him to take.

Having produced a few Punjabi films, NDTV��reported the Shergill stating,��”I had a very bad experience producing films.��Just to take films to my own level, I have paid from my own pocket.Just to take films to my own level, I have paid from my own pocket. I took steps which were rash. If the makers told me this is required for the film, I used to say go ahead with it, but the money never came back.”

Shergill first began producing films such as ‘Dharti’ (2011), ‘Taur Mittran Di’ (2012) and ‘Rangeelay (2013), none if which did too well at the box office. Realising his mistakes, Shergil admitted, “Your personal work should be different from production work and it should survive on its own. So, that is something I failed in. I messed up as a producer.”

Thankfully his acting career is looking a lot more brighter, with his next film ‘Fugly’ set to release on 13th June, he’s back in action playing a character named Chautala. Having taken a break from acting he is enjoying being back in front of the camera, “I am enjoying my phase as an actor. I was missing action for one-and-a-half years. I had a spine problem. I missed out quite a lot, so I am hoping to cover it now. This is the best phase to be in the industry.”

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