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Producers of ‘Bellbottom’ “quash speculation” about digital release

Earlier this week, it emerged that Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film ‘Bellbottom’ will be skipping a theatrical release and premiering directly on digital platform, Hotstar.

Now the makers of the film have clarified its stance with a statement. A spokesperson from Pooja Entertainment said, “Pooja Entertainment would like to quash all speculation in some sections of the media regarding the release of our upcoming film “Bellbottom”. Any announcement regarding the impending release of the film will be made by Pooja Entertainment at the opportune time. Nobody other than Pooja Entertainment has the mandate to make any statements with regards to any development with the film. We would like to request the media to support us as you always have and refrain from publishing any information that is not officially communicated by us. Stay safe and mask up. Our prayers with one and all.”

Since the surge in coronavirus cases in India, a number of filmmakers have opted for either a hybrid release or direct digital release for their movies.