Priyanka Chopra’s reason for not writing her autobiography yet


Priyanka Chopra who continues to take the world by storm with the release of ‘Baywatch’ on Friday, reveals why she hasn’t taken the decision to write an autobiography yet.

In an interview with DNA India, Chopra says she has been approached about the idea, but feels she has so much more to do and give. “There’s so much more to add to my chapters. I think there’s lot of time to write one. I would like to share my story with the world, but I don’t know how it will be.”

No doubt with all the connections Chopra has in Hollywood, there would be quite some stories to tell. “Yes, it has been an interesting journey and I have been very private. It’s not been easy, it’s very uphill whether it was in India or USA. Being in show business is very uphill, or being a public person is a hard job to do. Everyone who does it, does it the best way they can…”

Asked if a life of a star is lonely, the ‘Quantico’ actress says that’s not true. “No, I am not lonely at all (laughs)! I have to tell people to get out — please give me some time alone. I have great friends, I have an incredible family and I have so much support from colleagues here and there in US, I don’t get lonely. Some people like to romanticise it, you know stuff like artistes need to be solitary but I don’t think so. I get my inspiration from life, from people, I get inspired by an actor when I see better actors, I see good work, I am like oh wow! Look at where we are going so I think I am the opposite of solitary. As an artiste, pain doesn’t inspire me — laughter or happiness or smiles inspire me so I don’t get lonely (smiles).”

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