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Priyanka Chopra starts following Nick Jonas’ father on Instagram

There has been a lot of interest in Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ relationship since the pair was spotted together at various places in what looks like date nights. But now Chopra has started following Jonas’ dad – Kevin Jonas Sr. on Instagram after meeting the family.

The ‘Qauntico’ star met the singer’s family at a recent wedding where she went as his plus one. Reported on Pinkvilla, Chopra started following her rumoured beau’s dad on Father’s Day, following a heartfelt post from the singer-songwriter on Instagram, who shared father and son photos, with the caption – “Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there especially my incredible dad @papakjonas”.

In an interview on E! News, the singer’s brother Kevin Jonas was asked about Chopra, to which he said they has met earlier before the wedding and that he thought Chopra was awesome. Adding to his response, he did say it was his brother’s thing and he couldn’t comment on it further.

Jonas has openly shared that he thinks Chopra is a lovely person as well as expressing interest to visit India one day.

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