Priyanka Chopra refuses Akshay Kumar film?

Priyanka Chopra refuses Akshay Kumar film?

Priyanka Chopra’s debut was opposite Akshay Kumar in ‘Andaaz’ in (2003). The couple have been seen in a number of films after that but it seems that when the forthcoming ‘Singh is Bling’ was offered to Chopra, she turned it down.

It was said around a decade ago that Kumar had stopped working with the actress because his wife Twinkle was uncomfortable about it. A source spoke to Deccan Chronicle, “It۪s very rare for two actors to strike the right kind of chemistry on screen. It۪s sad that the actors couldn۪t sustain their on-screen magic.”

It is thought that Chopra had a narration of the film, which will be directed by Prabhu Dheva, but that she didn’t want to do the film. However, this is denied point blank by the actress’s team. “Priyanka is in talks with Prabhu Dheva for a film starring Saif Ali Khan. There is no Akshay film that she was offered”.

Chopra’s spokesperson also commented that no such offer was made. One wonders then that as the two have signed up to be in a music video together, why would a film be such a big deal?

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