Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ production on Ma Anand Sheela delayed


Priyanka Chopra Jonas had earlier announced that the biopic of the controversial Ma Anand Sheela would be made under her own production banner, where she would be depicting the role herself. However it seems the actress is having to wait a little longer to play the role, as there has been a delay in the initial stages of the film.

According to Cineblitz, the script writers are still deciding what part of Sheela’s life they want to focus on the most. Known as the assistant of Indian guru Acharya Rajneesh, also known as Osho, Sheela has been in the midst of controversies where she has even been convicted of multiple crimes. Through this there has always been a high interest in her life.

Apparently, the writers want to make this a stand out project, due to other creators already making programmes about Sheela’s life. ‘Wild Wild Country’ directed by Maclain and Champion Way streamed on Netflix in 2018, which told the story of Sheela and Osho in much detail. Aamir Khan has also shown interest in venturing into a project about Sheela’s life, where he had apparently revealed he’d like to cast Alia Bhatt as the lead.

So with competition running high, it’s no surprise that the writers are taking their time in ensuring this film will stand out from the rest.

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  1. Deepika is a much better choice for the role. Big Production house can produce the film if Deepika is there. I mean look at Priyanka the Global Charopra and look & Sheila. LOL. Priyanka is getting so fat if the movie get delayed and this Global Chopra has baby she will be able to play a sumo wrestler biography not Sheila. LOL. they should find another actress. Deepika also look slim like Sheila not fat at all. There are so many better actress in india than her.

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