Priyanka Chopra Jonas on being “lightened up” in Bollywood

Azha Khan



Priyanka Chopra Jonas made the headlines this week after she admitted that she had moved from India to the US back in 2012 due to “beef” she had with some people in the Hindi film industry.

In a further revelation made by the actress, she told Dax Shepherd on his podcast that she was often “lightened up” in her movies due to her dusky skin colour.

Chopra Jonas admitted that colourism was normalised in the industry. She said, “When I joined the movie business, if you were fair you were guaranteed some form of success or casting but if you were darker, I’m not even that dark, for darker girls it was, ‘let’s lighten you up.'”

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She added, “I was lightened up in many movies. Through make-up and then blasting lighting. There was a song which I still remember. It was called Chitti Dudh Kudi which means a girl who is as white as milk and I ain’t that but I was playing her and I was really lightened up in the movie.”

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