Priyanka Chopra disturbed by biopic idea

Priyanka Chopra disturbed by biopic idea

When it was recently revealed that Priyanka Chopra’s ex Aseem Merchant wants to do a biopic on her life, although she felt flattered, she was rather sceptical about the idea.

“It would be extremely flattering for me if someone would make a biopic on my life, but this particular situation makes me very angry as I know what my family and I went through during that phase of our lives and what upsets me is that people want to glorify something which was a painful part in my life. I think it’s extremely disturbing,” Times of India��report the actress stating.

Having a singing career that spans across the globe as well as having major success as an actress, Chopra sure has achieved a great deal. However she feels she has yet to achieve a lot more as she goes onto add, “There are a lot of things that I still need to achieve. Maybe when I turn 40, people can decide to make a film because I am sure I will achieve whatever I want to by that age.”

Talking of biopics, Chopra herself is in the midst of representing Indian boxer Mary Kom about which she says, “I am doing a biopic on Mary Kom’s life and she has sat with me on every scene that I have shot and has told me her emotions that she felt during a particular situation.”

‘Mary Kom’ is set to release on 2 October.

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