Priyanka Chopra and Asha Bhosle exchange tips

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Priyanka Chopra & Asha Bhosle exchange tips
Priyanka Chopra & Asha Bhosle exchange tips

As a veteran singer makes her acting debut, a contemporary actress is launching her singing career. Both are very much��appreciated in their respective professions, and have been received well in their new occupation. As Asha Bhosle and Priyanka Chopra had an encounter with each other, they both gave each other some advice for their respective debuts.

Bhosle’s singing career spans over��six decades and now she will be seen in front of the camera for the first time in her upcoming film ‘Mai’ which also stars film actor Ram Kapoor. Chopra on the other hand launched her debut single ‘In My City’��during the��National Football League in America.

“When I went on singing show��Indian Idol��(recently) to promote my film, I remember Asha tai (singer Asha Bhosle) told me she will give me tips on how to sing and I should give her the same on acting as she is making her debut as an actor in Hindi films,” NDTV��reported Chopra stating.

Chopra also explained how she would like to sing for Bollywood too, and made it clear that she��”… would like to be the voice for Rekhaji.” Well, only time will tell. Chopra did dance to many of Rekha’s classics at the IIFA’s, so there maybe a chance for her to lend her voice to the veteran actress.

With both Bhosle and Chopra having new releases, the world is definitely in for a treat. However, with the recent reports��that Bhosle isn’t a big fan of music today, what will she think of her new acting advisor Chopra’s music?