Priyanka Chopra writes note for Arjun Kapoor

Priyanka-Arjun connected before 'Gunday'
Priyanka-Arjun connected before 'Gunday'

Arjun Kapoor may only have been seen in one film so far, but he has had the experience of working on a film set previously. In fact, he is working with Priyanka Chopra for the second time in ‘Gunday’.

Kapoor’s connection with Chopra first happened with he was assistant director to Nikhil Advani in 2007’s ‘Salaam-E-Ishq’. Kapoor even used to call the actress ‘Priyanka madam’ and used to be the person who explains scenes to her during the shoot.

Now, being her co-star in ‘Gunday’ makes Kapoor feel very lucky. “I guess it۪s destiny that the Chopra surname has been beautifully intertwined with me at such a nascent stage in my career. I hope it continues for years to come,” Kapoor explains to NDTV.

Kapoor is, of course, referring to not just this Chopra but also his co-star in his debut, Parineeti Chopra.