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Priyank Sharma on being removed from ‘Bigg Boss 11’: “I don’t regret it”

Reality television star Priyank Sharma was removed from the ‘Bigg Boss 11’ house earlier this month after a brawl with Akash Dadlani.

The popular star jumped to the defence of friend Vikas Gupta after references to his sexuality irked Sharma, in the argument. Since then, Sharma has kept quiet about the incident. However, in an interview with Raj Baddhan on Sabras Radio’s Drivetime show, Sharma opened up about the incident and how he felt.

Asked if he had any regrets about the incident, Sharma said, “I really don’t regret because I feel I was standing up for something right like what people were going on about sexual orientation of people. After all, its a gameshow and we supposed to play healthy. You can fight, there has to be some arguments as there’s 14 people in the house who are for different backgrounds, so the mindsets won’t be the same. There will be clashes of people’s thinking but I feel there should be a healthier was out of this. I don’t promote physical violence on national television but this is my third reality show and I’ve been very calm in the other shows. There could have been a better way to deal with things but instead of regret, I feel disappointed as I’m not that kind of person.”

He also elaborated further on his friendship with Gupta and the other housemates.

Listen to the entire audio interview here (courtesy of Sabras Radio).