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Pritam Chakraborty: “The basic requirement for a good melody & lyrics haven’t gone away”

Pritam Chakraborty, a music director with an impeccable music career has given many hit albums in Bollywood. In an interview, Chakraborty spoke about the music taste of the Indian audiences.

Cited in Bombay Times, Chakraborty was asked about the “music taste” of the Indian millennials. He said, “Though people look for new orchestration and modern sound nowadays yet the basic requirement for a good melody and lyrics haven’t gone away.”

He said, “Poetry is necessary for a song. I believe song composition is then most important part. After that comes the lyrics and then the singing. Beats, rhythm, and orchestration are also important. So poetry is very important. Lyrics gives longevity to a song. You tend to remember and associate yourself with a song for longer time when you understand and relate to the lyrics of the song.”

When asked about rehashing trend of old songs, he said, “Rehashing and remixing old songs are fine till they are part of the script. When it becomes a norm and every alternative film has a remixed song, it is not a healthy trend.”
By Sonica Jonnakuti