fter its successful deal with Dawn News, Prime TV has announced its tie-up with Pakistani music channel Play TV.

Play TV, which is a part of the Recorder Television Network will bolster Prime TV’s music output, which until now has been dependent on locally recorded and live aired shows.

Currently, ‘Prime Asian Music’ is the most watched show on Prime TV, according to audience measuring body BARB.

With this Play TV deal, Prime TV will have access to air the latest music videos released within in Pakistan. This will also give the UK British Asian singers a chance to promote their songs / albums through Prime TV in Pakistan.

Play TV’s core programming ethos consists of lifestyle shows targeted to the youth. A statement from the channel said, “Our programmes remain relevant to the interests of today’s youth, who make up more than half the nation’s population. We believe in diversity, and therefore encourage cultural exchange, whether it’s through sponsoring foreign musicians to perform in Pakistan, or promoting our own lesser known talent.”

Play TV content on Prime TV begins on Friday 10th October.