Pakistani channel PTV-Prime is changing its name to Prime TV and will be going free-to-air on Sky.

Prime TV will rebrand on Pakistan’s 59th Independence Day (Monday 14th August 2006) and will become the latest channel to become free-to-air on the Sky platform.

A statement released by the channel says: “In amidst a growing demand for quality Asia Entertainment television, which can be viewed by the entire family, Prime TV is proud to announce its arrival into the free view market, making it accessible, to all Sky viewers throughout the UK.”

The channel now plans to be more diverse by showing programmes that “appeal to all Urdu and Punjabi speaking populace of Asian origin”, the statement continues “Being there for the last good eight years the Channel has established it self in playing a major as a trend in the Asian entertainment with its subscription viewers, Prime TV plan to expand its coverage, extending its appeal to all Urdu and Punjabi speaking populace of Asian origin, who continue to value their culture and traditions.”

Prime TV promises better programming with the rebrand: “Prime TV intends to make a statement with its powerful programming and feels it is the right moment to crate an impression that is hard to ignore!”

Prime TV is available on EPG 795 on Sky Digital.