Prime TV has announced the addition of three new shows in the coming days.

A top ten music chart show called ‘Prime Asian Music’ will occupy the Monday to Friday 17:30 slot to target young British Asians.

There’s also the launch of a new drama called ‘Meher’, which follows on from the success of Prime TV’s current Pak-Indo series ‘Pyar Ho Janay Do’. ‘Meher’ is the story of a Muslim girl who enters a world of deceit and conspiracy after she gets married. The show will air daily at 19:00.

Viewers who are looking for an escape from hard-hitting news and drama can watch a new sitcom called ‘Kunwarey Becharay’, which is about four bachelors who are unlucky in finding love. Their failed attempts to impress the opposite sex lead to exceptionally comical situations. ‘Kunwarey Becharay’ will air Wednesday evenings at 18:30.