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Dangerous Ishhq sees the return of Karisma Kapoor
Dangerous Ishhq sees the return of Karisma Kapoor

Vikram Bhatt�۪s forthcoming ��Dangerous Ishhq�۪ (2012) is much-awaited for one major reason: the beautiful Karisma Kapoor returning to the big screen. However, it would be wrong to assume that Kapoor�۪s comeback is reason enough. The actress is said to render no less than five roles in the movie and will be seen opposite newcomer Rajniesh Duggall.

��Dangerous Ishhq�۪ will also mark another Bollywood offering of the 3D category. Bhatt is no stranger to such effects what with his last film, ��Haunted 3D�۪ (2011), being a huge success at the Indian Box Office. In the April issue of Stardust Magazine, the Editor of Box Office India, Vajir Singh, is quoted, ���It was Vikram Bhatt who first got the 3D culture in India…�۝ ��Bhatt has, in recent years, become known for his movies in the horror genre. ��Dangerous Ishhq�۪ is sure to be a little different to his norm but with an enticing plot and alluring star cast, it most definitely has a lot going for it.

Bhatt, for who 2012 marks two decades in Bollywood, spoke about the 3D effects of the movie after the unveiling of its first look last week. Following on from ��Red: The Dark Side�۪ (2007), ��1920�۪ (2008) and ��Haunted 3D�۪, Bhatt explains how ��Dangerous Ishhq�۪ is a film with a difference. As reported by the Times of India, he stated, “There are a lot of eras in this film and in 3D you can feel as if you are transported to that timeframe. Also, I will take forward the 3D, horror element ahead through my films�۝. Bhatt went on to divulge that ��Dangerous Ishhq�۪, when compared with his previous films of a similar genre, will be perhaps the most relatable and have a mass-appeal.

In the movie, Kapoor plays the role of a model, Sanjana, whose partner, Rohan (Duggall), is the son of a well-known business tycoon. The two are well-known as a socialite couple. Events take a turn when Rohan is kidnapped under mysterious circumstances. What follows is a distraught Sanjana trying to piece together clues and trust in her own instincts in order to find her beloved before he is brought to any harm. Sanjana finds herself getting visions of different lifetimes with Rohan and also discovers that the answer to Rohan�۪s kidnapping lies in their previous lives.

Dangerous Ishhq sees the return of Karisma Kapoor
Dangerous Ishhq sees the return of Karisma Kapoor

Kapoor is, of course, coming back after a gap of five years. The 37-year-old has denied links between the first look poster of ��Dangerous Ishhq�۪ and Angelina Jolie�۪s slit dress pose at the Oscars in February. According to India Today, Kapoor has clarified, ���We shot this before the Oscars so it is not at all inspired from there. And in this poster I am walking and not posing like Angelina Jolie�۝. The actress has also highlighted, as per Times of India, ���Dangerous Ishhq is a bold film in its own way because we are dealing with a topic which doesn’t fall under a typical Hindi movie genre. Nowadays, a lot of people are intrigued by the idea of past life regression, tarot card reading etc; and it is a bold movie�۝.

��Dangerous Ishhq�۪ is a movie that sets itself apart from the offset. Coupled with its thriller and horror categories, it seeks to tick the box of romance too. If the first looks and trailer��are anything to go by, the movie will continue to intrigue audiences before its release on 11th May.

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