Preity Zinta rubbishes recent reports; says will be performing on ‘Nach Baliye 7’ finale

Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta

BizAsia recently reported that Preity Zinta had apparently refused to perform for ‘Nach Baliye 7’, in which she is currently being seen as a judge. However, the actress has lashed out at such reports on her Facebook page, rendering them untrue.

Zinta’s post read:

“Dear “Mumbai Mirror/ Times Of India/ and Every other news paper / Blog that write stories without verification….”

I would like to inform you sadly that off late the news carried out in your publication regarding me on the dance reality show “Nach Baliye ” has been consistently wrong & Malicious. I have tried to clarify time and again with your journalists ( who take quotes from us but never use them )but I am finally tired & would humbly like to point out a few FACTS. ( Yes FACTS DO EXIST & you don’t need to create a source without credibility for that) cuz now you will hear it directly from the Horse’s mouth Neighhhhhhh !

1) I AM PERFORMING FOR THE NACH BALIYE FINALE ! Tonight you will see it on TV as it will be live and yes … it will not be on Jiye Jale, Bhumbroo & Mahi Ve ! The reason for that is the Production house wanted me to do a combined entry with everyone and not a solo act… As they wanted the format to be different unlike other times..

I read in your story that the acts were ready, costumes were made and I rehearsed for it ! Well to be honest if you can find me the costume designer who made the costumes then I promise I will give you an award… The reason I’m ready to give you an award is because no costumes were made, no acts were created & no rehearsals happened ! Yes we discussed various things but the production house / Balaji wanted the Finale to be different from other seasons and decided to go with a combined entry with everyone and no solo acts.

If you recall none of the judges danced in the beginning of the show like other seasons due to the same reasons of the format being changed but I don’t think you really care about that since news without Controversy is not news …. Right ? Unless it’s negative & factually incorrect I don’t think it interests you anyway….

2) It was widely reported Midseason in your publications & various other publications in the media that I will NOT CONTINUE or rather BE REPLACED on Nach Baliye due to my DIVA attitude & unprofessional behavior. I’m sure there was another source ( without credibility of course) to back your story. Well Humbly of course , I would like to point out that today is the GRAND FINALE OF NACH BALIYE & I MAGICALLY AM STILL HERE

Which means your story AGAIN was wrong ! I wonder what prompted this story ? Maybe because I was missing from one episode of Nach Baliye ( which was due to my grandmothers operation ) on the 17th of May, which I had informed the production before I signed my contract for the show. If you want I’m happy to show it to you in my contract if you care but something tells me that you don’t care for facts…

3) I would again ( humbly of course) like to point out that Nach Baliye is NOT my first TV show. I have done “Guinness World Records” & “Up close & Personal with PZ” before & both those shows went smoothly without any malicious news coming out of those sets about me. I figured the reason for that is your (amazing source) was not fortunate enough to be on those sets to give you such rubbish information.

4) Last but not the least, I have been working in the entertainment industry since Aug 1998 & NOT ONCE did any story come out about me being Unprofessional though I believe I was a DIVA even then. ( I’d like to keep the DIVA tag if you don’t mind please, for no other reason except that it SOUNDS COOL)

Besides that I will REALLY APPRECIATE if your publications focus on the quality of journalists you employ so the quality of news improves & not rely on MADE & PAID news.

If for some reason you are having issues with the kind & types of journalists you employ, then I have a Million Dollar Idea for you…. and his name is MUKESH CHABBRIA. He is the best & most sincere Casting Director in our Industry ( he found the little girl… Harshali in Bajrangi Bhaijaan) & has brilliantly casted most of the films in the Indian Film Industry. I’m sure he will be happy to cast a few JOURNALISTS for you who are good at what they do as he has an amazing eye for talent

Thank you,

Humbly Yours,

Preity Zinta”

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