Actress Preity Zinta has never shied away from sharing her opinion or standing up for what she believes is the truth.Recently, she has gone on record to express her anger and disgust at the Alia Bhatt jokes circulating on the Internet.

Now that she۪s worked hard and become successful people make fun of her. They have these Alia Bhatt jokes, saying all kinds of rubbish. Why are they doing this? Only because she۪s a successful and attractive girl? If she wasn۪t that and hasn۪t given good performances, nobody would have cared about her. Instead of applauding her in her first three movies, people on the internet are fully destroying her by saying all sorts of nasty things,۝ Zinta said to DNA India.

Preity Zinta۪s association with Alia Bhatt goes back a long way as Bhatt played the younger Zinta in Sangharsh۪ (1999).

The Alia Bhatt jokes started after her appearance on Karan Johar۪s talk show, Koffee With Karan۪, where she made a mistake during the quiz round regarding the name of India۪s president.

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