Pranav Sachdev opens up about working in Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Hadh’


Television star Pranav Sachdev is gearing up for his return with a huge web-series helmed by popular filmmaker, Vikrat Bhatt. caught up with Sachdev to find out more.

What did you do to prepare this character?
Veer, my character is everything that I am not, in real life. He is complex, exciting and a badass where as I am downright simple. I think my director; Sidhant Sachdev knew exactly what he wanted- He had a few references in mind and the idea was to make him look so bad that he couldn’t be worse. We tried to give him a set of mannerisms and to be honest it was Sidhant’s vision to which I was only an instrument.

How was the experience of working with Vikram Bhatt?
Mr. Bhatt is a veteran; he knows the pulse of his audience impeccably. Also, there is a lot of talk going on about nepotism; I feel he is one of the people in the industry who will choose merit all day, every day. ‘Hadh’ is one of the most intriguing, mindboggling scripts written by him and I can’t thank him enough for being extremely kind to me and for letting me be a part of it.

Why do you think people are switching from TV to web?
There are multiple reasons for this in my opinion, Internet has reached even the most remote areas of the globe and there is an audience even in far corners who now watch Indian web content avidly. To add to this, the makers enjoy creative freedom because the voice online is liberal and un-inhibited, it’s real and says it like it is…without anyone censoring it. The evolution of digital advertising and social media has further helped matters.

Do you think the content shared on the web is right the audience?
My favorite part as an audience is that one gets to choose what is right for them. There is an ocean of content online available with a click, there isn’t anything that you don’t appreciate that will be forced upon you. This system gives so much more power to an already powerful audience.

What is your favorite TV show?
I tend to like Sit coms- they make me very happy. I have loved it all from ‘How I met your mother’ to ‘Office Office’. I am watching ‘Black-ish’ currently and think it’s fantastic.

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