Prannoy Roy to host new NDTV 24×7 show

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


The Chairman and Managing Director of NDTV Ltd, Prannoy Roy will be hosting a special series ‘What’s Your Choice’ on NDTV 24×7.

The backdrop of the show is the fact that the character of a nation is often measured by how much each person cares for a fellow citizen. If we see someone in distress, suffering, being bullied or molested, would we step out of our comfort zone and help? ���We have heard of many cases in which an accident victim, bleeding, lying on the side of the road, reaches out, but nobody stops. Or stories of when a woman is being teased or molested even in a crowded area, nobody intervenes to save the girl. But bad news, like these examples, tend to hit the headlines, while good news, like when an ordinary Indian does make a choice to intervene, goes unreported,�۝ the channel observed.

‘What’s Your Choice’ airs Saturdays at 21:30.