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Prakash Jha’s ‘Ashram 3’ sets vandalised by Bajrang Dal workers

The sets of filmmaker Prakash Jha’s digital series ‘Ashram 3’ have been vandalised in Bhopal.

According to India Today, members of the right-wing party, Bajrang Dal, attacked the sets in Bhopal on Sunday. The report adds that the Bajrang Dal were allegedly opposing the name of the series.

It is reported that the workers allegedly threw link at Jha’s face.

Bajrang Dal’s lead Sushil said, “If the name of the series is not changed, then shooting will not be allowed. Not only this, the series will not even be allowed to release. Jha is defaming religion. Ashram tradition is our identity. If any crime has happened in any ashram, then make a film in its name. Do not defame all ashrams.”

He added, “We blackened the face of Prakash Jha and are searching for Bobby Deol, who should learn from his elder brother Sunny Deol (Bollywood actor and BJP MP), who has played roles in patriotic movies.”