Prachi unhappy with ‘Kasamh Se’ generation leap


Prachi ‘Bani’ Desai is quite upset about the generational leap in her successful ZEE TV serial ‘Kasamh Se’.

She isn’t the first young TV actor to be put off by the wrinkle-motivated demands on her persona. And she’s certainly not likely to be the last to let out an anti-aging blast.

Prachi is rather vocal about her displeasure.

“I hate the idea of playing mother. The mere thought of what lies ahead gives me goose bumps. The narration we (Ram Kapoor and Prachi) had with Nivi (Nivedita is the creative head) was quite depressing. She said we were going to have kids. It’s so traumatic to have a child with a 40-year-old man when you are just 18!”

Prachi gave her Class 12 Board exams in March this year. She was 17 when she started playing Bani.

“I agree there are girls who become mothers at 18 but rarely out of choice. And I’ve just started my career. I keep thinking they saw me fitting into this persona and therefore offered me the role.”

If she’s so appalled why do it?

“Soaps show what the audience wants to see. I come from a middle class background and the scenes that I do with my screen sisters are at times what actually would happen in a middle class house. They are just more dramatic in the serial. But that’s what everyone wants to see, don’t they?”

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