Prachi Desai: “Love my independence too much to give it up for marriage…”

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Prachi Desai’s most recent offering is currently streaming on ZEE5, ‘Silence’. The actress was recently asked if she is thinking of settling down and her answer is something quite interesting.

“My parents have brought me up in such a way that I never saw marriage as a safety net or as something I would do if my career slowed down for a bit or something didn’t work out. We belong to a really humble background and we feel it’s a big deal that we have come this far. For them and for me, it is something I completely own that I have made it this far in my profession on my own, with no godfathers or hand-holders”, said the actress, quoted by E Times.

She went on to add, “My parents have always respected my space and never spoken about marriage or finding a guy. When my friends actually tell me that their parents are bringing up the topic at home, I find it a little surprising and odd because my parents never do that. You know, I have been married so many times on screen that I think I am done with it for now. Whoever the guy is for me, he better be prepared. I live on my terms and I love my independence too much to give it up for marriage right now. I won’t mind being married a few years later but again, only if and when someone perfect comes along”.

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