Prabhas set for knee surgery; ‘Project K’, ‘Salaar’ shoots affected

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Prabhas, who has had a jam-packed schedule recently, has reportedly flown out of India to get knee surgery.

The actor has upcoming films in ‘Project K’ and also ‘Salaar’, both of which will be affected by this pause in Prabhas diary. The surgery is expected to be minor but it was necessary as he had injured himself on the sets of ‘Saaho’.

Bollywood Hungama reports a source stating, “His leg had been injured during the action scenes of a film, Saaho I think. He had been advised surgery a few years back. However, the treatment was not time-specific. So Prabhas postponed it until his pending projects were done. Then there were delays due to Covid. Now he’s finally gone for it.”

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