Poonam Pandey’s debut confirmed


Not so long ago it was��reported model Poonam Pandey speculating that she was due to star in a movie by Amit Saxena. Saxena hit back with reports stating that this speculation was false. Now the director has flipped his story and confirmed that the model is��indeed due to��make her debut��in his next venture.

Hindustan Times reports that the director denied the allegations at first as nothing was put on paper, and did not want to say anything until something was finalised, ���I had just met the producers twice and they didn’t want the film to be talked about until things were final. I was also surprised and angry to read about it earlier. But now that it is on and Poonam has been confirmed, I’m talking”.

It has also been reported that��Pandey had 30 film offers come her way, all of��which she refused until she heard the story of this��project. Explaining her take on the storyline of the film, the model went��said, “It’s going to change people’s mindset. It will change the way people think about Bollywood. It’s radically different from the way films are being made here. I would say, it’s not a normal story of a-boy-meets-girl-and-they-fall-in-love genre. It’s a very different story.�۝

The rest of the casting and release date have not been confirmed as of yet, but the director was reported to have said that this would all be finalised shortly.

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