Contrary to what rumours suggest, when actress Poonam Pnadey was stopped by police, she was in actual fact only questioned.

Still upset and shocked at her ordeal with the police when they stopped the car she was in with her brother,Times of Indiareported Pandey stating, “All was well till I told them my name. Maine sirf apna naam bataya aur usi ke baad pura case shuru hua. I was with my brother and he was driving the car.When we rolled down the car window, the cops came and said, ‘Aapnechhote kapde pehne hain.’And believe me, it was not a bikini for which they could have had a problem. It was a normal one-piece, something every girl in Mumbai wears.”

Confused and rather angered at what she was getting, the actress went onto explain, how she wasn’t doing anything wrong and all this fuss was about her clothes, “Main boyfriend ke saath bhi nahi thi kithere were chances of me indulging in some indecency. My mom is so upset with all this. She told me,’Ab bhai ke saath bhi bahar nahi jaa sakte log?’If I was indecent in that one-piece, thenkal se burkha pehen ke ghoomna padega ab. Inke darr se main chhote kapde na pehnu?”

It was not even an odd time.Raat ke das-saadhe das baje toh Mumbai ke log bahar aate hain.Everything was normal. I wasn’t arrested.Puri duniya yeh fake rumours dikha rahi thithat I was arrested,” she went onto add.