Poonam Pandey acting debut in doubt?

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


A model turning into actor is no surprise in Bollywood, so when 2011 Kingfisher calendar model Poonam Pandey, announced she is to make her first Bollywood debut, it was accepted well by the public. However, the director Amit Saxena who the model claimed to have signed her, deny all reports that state he has.

Reports by ZEE News claim that the film in question��wasn’t��even offered to the model yet, and is currently just in talks. The ��Jism�۪ (2003) director explained ���This is appalling. Somebody has jumped the gun on me. I had a couple of informal meetings with the team. I`ve not confirmed anything, so I didn`t want to comment,�۝

Along with this it was also reported that Pandey articulated that Saxena not being involved in ‘Jism 2’ (2012) lead to a bit of a fall out with the Bhatts. ���This is rubbish and in very poor taste. The Bhatts are like my family. In fact, Mahesh is my mentor and Pooja (Bhatt) was and will always remain a dear friend.�۝ said Saxena, putting these rumours to rest.

Looks like Poonam Pandey has created a little storm for herself with her career in Bollywood before it�۪s even started.