Poonam Dhillon walks out of Sony TV’s ‘Dil Hi Toh Hai’

BizAsia Correspondent



After just a week since the show launched, veteran actress, Poonam Dhillon has quit Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Dil Hi Toh Hai’.

Confirming the news, Dhillon told Hindustan Times, “I have quit the show, as the storyline wasn’t going the way I thought. I was told my character will be a central one and a linear track with my character will play out but that’s not happening, right now. They have deviated from it and moved on to the love story of the leads. It wasn’t gratifying for me to continue.”

“I thought it is best to leave before the show makes too much headway and my exit disrupts the story and the team a lot. When you do television, your whole life comes to a standstill, so unless the work excites you, it is not worth it. As my role wasn’t a central one in the story, waiting six to seven hours sometimes for a shot didn’t work for me,” added the actor.

She further added, “I felt it is really not something that will make me happy. I would like to do a role that is more gratifying. Even if I am working 12 hours a day, I want to be working, not sitting in my room for eight hours waiting for my shot. Doing TV means, for the next one year I would be committed to it. It was better that I leave.”