Pooja Bhatt on being back to acting with ‘Sadak 2’

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Pooja Bhatt is making a comeback with the forthcoming ‘Sadak 2’ and she’s recently spoken about why she made this decision.

“I had said bye-bye to acting in a way but once an actor always an actor. Life has got other plans for me. Like I did not want to be an actor, I wanted to be an architect or astronaut and Daddy happened and the rest is history. I felt I was happy being in the back, launching people like Sunny Leone, repackaging Richa Chadda, John Abraham but life had other plans and it includes Sadak 2 and a web series,” said Bhatt, in an interview with PTI.

Talking about the film specifically, she went on to add, “I am glad when I am coming back to acting I am getting to play my age,” Pooja said. “One thing I do not see happening is women of certain age being represented correctly. We have to evolve conceptually. Men don’t age in India. Women who are younger then them are suddenly playing the role of a mother”.

Bhatt has been promoting her directorial ‘Cabaret’ which is set for an online release.