Police to knock on doors of 1,000 people illegally streaming TV

Azha Khan



Police are set for a fresh crackdown on illegal streamers as they will reportedly visit 1,000 homes in the UK this week.

The Mirror reports, police have identified customers from a huge database in a major ongoing criminal investigation and will knock on the doors of people to warn they could also face prosecution.

This latest clampdown against 1,000 individuals comes after raids by West Mercia Police against a UK-based illegal streaming service offering entertainment and sports via modified boxes and Firesticks.

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Police have joined forces with anti-piracy investigators from FACT in ‘Operation Raider’ and the knock on the door is likely to come as a huge shock. They will potentially be served with notices, be ordered to stop immediately and be warned of serious consequences.

The crackdown comes with the support of major organisations like the Premier League and broadcasters such as Sky, BT Sport and Amazon, but it has been led by the police and FACT, which was set up to stop piracy in the TV and film industry.