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Paul Shah to step down from Sunrise Radio’s ‘Drivetime’ show

Paul Shah has quit his ‘Drivetime’ show on Sunrise Radio.

Shah, who also is the station’s Programme Controller, will hand over his show to someone else, while he focuses solely on the station’s output.

In a Facebook post, Shah said, “So…This it! Next week will be my last week on Drive at Sunrise Radio. I’ve had a blast hosting this amazing show over the years but it’s time to pass the torch to someone else.

I’m not leaving due to a complaint (as surprising as that may sound) nor due to ratings, but more to concentrate on my role at Program Manager at the station, in the view to making the UK’s Biggest Asian Mix, even BIGGER!”

Shah ends his stint on Sunrise Radio’s ‘Drivetime’ show on Friday 15th October.